Throughout my life, I have struggled with chronic depression. About seven years ago, my depression became so intense that I tried to take my life. Miraculously, I survived. In the years that have followed, I have learned that if I truly want to heal and move forward then I must reach beyond myself and try to help others.

Listed below are several articles that I have written that deal specifically with depression and suicide. I will continue to write on these topics with the hope that they might help someone in need. Please share them with anyone who is struggling.


5 thoughts on “Suicide and Depression

  1. I am impressed that a couple this young took the time to acknowledge their differences and have real life discussions prior to getting married. That puts them head and shoulders above couples who rush into marriage based on initial attraction and the intoxicating feelings of new love. These same couples subsequently sometimes discover their differences AFTER marriage and wonder, “What in the heck did I do?” or “WHO is this person I married?” Seth and his wife took the smart approach. They talked about their differences in advance. Does that mean they solved all their problems before marriage? Of course not. But they anticipated possible conflicts in advance so when the inevitable situations arose, they could work out solutions. I think the message of this article is about more than just tolerating your differences. It is about trusting your partner and allowing them their freedom to choose and be who they are. The truth is, we cannot control other people and still have happy & healthy relationships. We have to love others as they make their choices and trust that they will make good choices for themselves and for the good of the relationship. In some situations that takes a lot of trust, but that is where WE grow, as we learn to let go and trust them.

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