We Become What We Worship

It is an interesting truth: we become what we worship. That is to say, we emulate—or become like—the people (and things) we most admire. To understand this concept, we have to understand the origins of the word worship. The word worship comes from the Old English worðscip or wurðscip —or worthship—meaning "condition of being worthy, dignity, glory, distinction, honor, renown." To worship … Continue reading We Become What We Worship


Be the Sea of Galilee

The Middle East contains a number of significant landmarks and yet it also contains two bodies of water which, I think, offer profound guidance on how to live life. The name of these two bodies of water are: the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. The Dead Sea is the lowest point of elevation on land and its water is 9.6 times … Continue reading Be the Sea of Galilee

Baby, You’re NOT A Firework…

There's a popular song by Katy Perry called Firework and I think I've always had a problem with it. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it—it's certainly inspirational. But I've always felt like the message falls so dramatically short of the truth. Here are some of the lyrics from that song: Baby, you're a firework Come … Continue reading Baby, You’re NOT A Firework…

40 Days in the Wilderness

My friend, Paul Cardall, is a talented, best-selling musician with an incredible life story. He was born with congenital heart disease and lived for thirty years with half a heart until 2008 when it began to fail. After waiting for a heart for over a year, Paul miraculously received a heart transplant and has continued to produce beautiful … Continue reading 40 Days in the Wilderness

Are You Exhausted By Faith?

"Does faith have to be this exhausting?" Those words echoed through my ears as I watched FREETOWN, a new movie about a group of missionaries caught in the middle of a war. The film is based on a true story and takes place in Monrovia, Liberia in 1990, at the beginning of the first Liberian civil war—one … Continue reading Are You Exhausted By Faith?

Our Most Valuable Resource

If I were to ask you what our most valuable resource is, what would you say? Money, gold, jewels, oil? Actually, it none of these things. In fact, the answer may surprise you. It's water. Water is our most valuable resource—all life depends upon it. Many of the world's deepest problems (poverty, disease, conflicts over land) can … Continue reading Our Most Valuable Resource

I Am A Child of God | Art by Howard Lyon

"The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God." (Romans 8:18) Check out this beautiful painting by Howard Lyon! Among the greatest treasures of knowledge that we have been given is this: we are all the children of God. This truth carries with it great blessings. It should guide … Continue reading I Am A Child of God | Art by Howard Lyon

Each Of Us Is An Innkeeper…

"Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus." -Neal A. Maxwell I recently finished making this music video for songwriter, Shawna Belt Edwards. It features the artwork of Joseph Brickey, Howard Lyon, Jon McNaughton, and Liz Lemon Swindle. I've put the lyrics below the video. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Each Of Us Is An Innkeeper…